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Heaton Companies – Custom Home Builders

Heaton Companies – Custom Home Builders

In oceanside Vero Beach, Heaton Companies is on the brink of unveiling its first set of custom luxury homes among the Riomar Golf community in Old Oak Lane. After more than five years of careful consideration, investing and development, Old Oak Lane is finally coming to life. None of which would be possible without the help of the premier custom home builders at Heaton Companies.

Heaton Companies

For over 45 years, Heaton Companies has created superior, real estate opportunities in the Florida community. Specializing in waterfront properties, Heaton Companies has quickly gained a reputation for itself as the premier custom home builders in the state of Florida. Since 1969, Heaton Companies has developed, acquired and controlled hundreds of properties in both new and turnaround development.

The Florida Development Specialists in Luxury

Heaton Companies specializes in superior design and construction built in enviable locations. While waterfront developments are their specialty, this hasn’t stopped Heaton Companies from becoming a custom home builder in the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. Year after year, Heaton Companies turns out luxurious hotels, restaurants, elegant private communities and trademark commercial centers to push their family enterprise well past its limits. They work with other custom home builders, civic leaders, and trusted citizens to design custom projects that take full advantage of the landscape and local community.

Old Oak Lane

Old Oak Lane is Heaton Companies latest development in custom home builders. A single street cul-de-sac on the Riomar Golf Course, Old Oak Lane offers prospective residents the chance the build their custom dream home from the ground up. Mature, live oak trees create a dramatic entrance into Old Oak Lane and preserve the original integrity of the land.

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